Fixed and casement windows surround a canoe hung on a wall and frame green trees.

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When architect Kate Herring wanted to maximize views for her new home, she chose Western Window Systems. The contemporary residence features several products from Western, including a Series 600 Multi-Slide Door that extends entertaining space between the dining and courtyard areas. The most stunning views come courtesy of Western’s Series 600 Window Wall. Featuring large expanses of glass two stories high, it provides an optimum view of the outdoors while flooding the upstairs library and downstairs living space with natural light.


  • Residential
  • Multi-slide door
  • Window wall
  • Series 600
  • Classic line
The massive hinged-door and accompanying wall of windows opens to a back patio surrounded by shrubbery.

The massive hinged-door and accompanying wall of windows makes a striking architectural statement.

First, they had to position the home perfectly on the lot to take advantage of the views of Camelback Mountain. That presented a challenge. “The cul-de-sac cuts into part of the lot. Then you have the views out what might be a side yard,” Nassos says. “So we had to angle the house to capture the views of the mountain and design around the cul-de-sac and all the setbacks that come along with it. It was extremely challenging to come up with a floor plan that worked but embraced what was around it.”

“Indoor-outdoor living and bringing the outdoors in means glass. It means I need to be able to see through things. I need to feel I’m outside when I’m not outside.” 

- Marc Nassos
Principal, Marc Development
Series 670 Awning Windows open at the front of the home, creating a cool visual effect above the front door and portico.

An array of Series 670 Awning Windows provides a cool visual effect on the front of the home.

The next challenge was arranging the flow of spaces for socialization. “One of the biggest things for me is inclusivity of spaces, so you can interact with each other, even though the spaces are separate,” Nassos says. Add this to the desire to feel connected to the outdoors and the beautiful views, and glass became a big part of the plan.

Natural light pours in through the second-story landing from fixed and casement windows filling the wall.

Natural light pours in through the second-story landing.

Western Window Systems hinged windows over the front door let fresh air into the home alongside the open front door.

A wall of windows lends to the mid-century style of the home.

A hinge window opens to a wall covered in greenery.

Western Window Systems hinged windows lets the fresh air in.

The second story of the home provides symmetry through casement and fixed windows mirroring each other, split by a hanging canoe.

Symmetry and architectural poetry on the second floor, with casement and fixed windows mirroring each other.

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