What Makes Them Great

Western Window Systems’ moving glass walls and windows are designed to let you create without constraint. From taller and wider sizes to countless configurations to multiple glazing and finish options, they are exceedingly capable. Now you can customize and expand your project in ways you never thought possible.
Go Big. Go Really Big.

Go Big. Go Really Big.

While most moving glass walls max out at 80-inches in height, Western Window Systems’ go taller and wider than you’d expect, providing more natural light and expanded views. The Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door, for example, is available in heights up to 15 feet in most areas.

Slim and Trim

Western Window Systems’ narrow sliding door inter lockers and minimal frames keeps lines clean and glass big, while still providing structural integrity.

An employee measuring a sill.
An image of stored metal hardware on racks.

Heavy Metal

Aluminum and thermally broken aluminum frames accommodate a vast range of Western Window Systems’ door and window components. By engineering thermal breaks in the design, heat transmittance is reduced without sacrificing strength or slim lines. Nearly maintenance free and with more customization options than wood, aluminum is the go-to material for a modern aesthetic.

In the Green

Western Window Systems is committed to making products with sustainable materials and working to reduce the impact on landfills. Using recycled aluminum in our moving glass windows and doors leaves a small ecological footprint and requires less energy to produce. We also use certified wood, high-performance glass, and offer products that meet Energy Star qualification standards.

An image of metal sills in a recycling bin.
A gif of a multi-slide door in a living room opening

Indoor-Outdoor, In Real Life

From expanding living spaces, to connecting to nature, to social gatherings and family staycations, Western Window Systems’ moving glass walls and windows are designed to remove barriers between the indoors and the outside. Now you can invest in your overall wellbeing.
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