Two open bi-fold doors with a closed egress door connect the dining room to the backyard.
A fully opened bi-fold door and egress door eliminates the barrier between the home’s interior living room, dining room, kitchen, and backyard.

Series 7950 Aluminum Bi-Fold Door

Reinvented for strength and energy efficiency, the Series 7950 Aluminum Bi-Fold Door is a perfect solution for architects, builders, and homeowners who want to design, build, and experience indoor-outdoor living in a variety of weather conditions. As durable as it’s impeccably designed, it’s built with premium grade materials and a flush sill option for a seamless transition from the indoors to the outside.

  • Clean design with 3.17″ stile
  • AAMA- and NFRC-tested and certified
  • Premium hardware and roller options
  • Low-E, dual-paned, argon-filled glass from Cardinal IG
  • A .30 U-factor for energy efficiency, may vary based on configurations

Sizes and Configurations

Systems are available in 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-panel configurations.

Stacking Three-Panel Configurations


117.50″ (10068)


106.016″ (9080)

Stacking Four-Panel Configurations


141.50″ (12068)


117.5″ (10080)
141.50″ (12080)

Stacking Five-Panel Configurations


175.465″ (15080) 5L
175.465″ (15080) 5R
176.222″ (15080) 4L1R
176.222″ (15080) 1L4R

Stacking Six-Panel Configurations


210.942″ (18080)

Sill Options

Water Barrier Sill

A weep-hole system and interior barrier helps to safeguard against water intrusion.

Flush Sill

For a smooth transition from the inside to the outdoors, the optional flush sill features an interior and exterior height of just 0.958″. Finished to match the color of the frame.

Note: The flush sill may be less effective at preventing water penetration than the high-performance water barrier sill and may not be appropriate in all climates, conditions, and exposures.

Handles and Locking

Dallas Handle

Located on all active panels, includes a keyed lock. Available in brushed nickel or black.

D-shaped Pull Handle

At the bi-fold’s pivot points, further aids in opening and closing the door. Available in stainless steel or black.

Inactive Lock Handle

At the door’s pivot points, secures the door panels with steel pins at the head and sill. Available in brushed nickel or black.

Finish Options

Warmtone and White are a polyester hybrid painted finish, meaning the finishing process for the organic coatings conforms to a minimum rating of AAMA-2604. Bronze Anodized and Satin Anodized finishes have a Class 1 rating, the highest and most durable rating for anodized aluminum products.

Screen Options

A retractable screen is available for the Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door in sizes up to 8 feet tall and 16 feet wide. Screens are mounted on the interior of the door and need to be ordered in conjunction with the corresponding door system.

Screens are not available on custom doors over eight feet in height and cannot be retrofitted. Contact a Volume Program representative for aftermarket alternatives.


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