A view of the façade of the home with its floor-to-ceiling multi-slide doors completely open.

Twin Cities Masterpiece

A California-style modern bathed in natural light.

When an architecture-loving client approached Peterssen/Keller Architecture about designing a three-pavilion home on an unusual L-shaped lot near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, the firm made the most of the request by creating a modern, California-style residence that makes the most of natural light, open space, and indoor-outdoor living. “The concept of indoor-outdoor living is integral to the design of the home, as the light-filled pavilions enclose a private courtyard with a swimming pool and patio,” says Gabriel Keller, a principal at the Minneapolis firm. “Glass-walled light wells connect the pavilions and create a visual connection to the outside.”


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A view of the home’s backyard with a pool and outdoor seating area.

The modern design and huge pieces of glass make the most of natural light.

The first pavilion in the 4,500-square-foot home known as Calhoun Pavilions is a single-story two-car garage that faces the street. The second pavilion contains an integrated kitchen, living room, and dining room, as well as guest rooms, office, and media room. And the third pavilion, cantilevered over the patio, houses the master suite. It’s there that a Western Window Systems Series 600 Sliding Glass Door opens to a balcony deck that provides panoramic views of downtown Minneapolis and Lake Calhoun, the city’s largest in its Chain of Lakes.
“Glass-walled light wells connect the pavilions and create a visual connection to the outside.”
- Gabriel Keller,
principal, Peterssen/Keller Architecture
Large, bi-parting sliding glass doors connect the master bedroom to a balcony.
The second-story master suite features views of Minneapolis’ Lake Calhoun.
The highlight of the second pavilion is a 25-foot-wide Series 600 Multi-Slide Door that opens from the integrated kitchen/dining area/living room to a courtyard that features a wooden pathway to an outdoor living space (situated underneath the master suite) and swimming pool.
“These sliding doors provide cool, even light from the north,” says Lars Peterssen, a principal at the firm. “We appreciate working with Western Window Systems because the products allow us to replace traditional solid walls with expansive glass ‘walls.’ This allows our clients to appreciate Minnesota’s four distinct seasons and to experience the passage of time, the changing light, the spectacular colors of nature, and the dramatic shifts in weather all year-round.”
Sliding glass doors and fixed windows bring natural light into the living room and dining room.

The integrated living area/dining area/kitchen is filled with Western Window Systems products.

A view of the home’s glazing facing a grassy lawn with shrub trees.
The home’s three pavilions are situated on an unusual L-shaped lot in Minneapolis.

Elsewhere throughout the house, built by Elevation Homes of Wayzata, Minneapolis, are numerous Western Window Systems fixed windows of various shapes and sizes, including floor-to-ceiling pieces in the master suite and main entry that flood the home with natural light and frame picturesque views of the home’s surroundings

“We appreciate the sleek, thick aluminum frames, the large areas of glass, the beautiful hardware and the way it’s integrated into the design of the windows, and the smooth operation,” says Peterssen. “Whether we’re designing a brand-new, organic modern home or renovating an iconic midcentury home, we value the way Western Window Systems’ entry doors, sidelights, windows, and sliding doors help bring our designs to life.”

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