Ranch House Makeover in Denver

The future meets the best of the past.

What do you call a midcentury remodel that transformed a 1954 ranch-style home into a three-level 5,100-square-foot modern home? If you’re Sunset magazine, you call it the 2015 Idea House.

“When we chose a 1950s ranch house in Denver to remodel for our 2015 Idea House, the response was passionate and mixed,” says Sunset home editor Joanna Linberg. “Some people said we should leave a good thing alone. Others pointed out that the house, which wasn’t exactly iconic, could use an update. We understand both perspectives.”


  • Remodel
  • Classic Line
  • Series 9500
  • Series 670
  • Windows
  • Bi-fold door


  • Denver
  • Colorado
Huge fixed and operable windows behind the couch bathe the living room in natural light.

Huge windows bathe the living room in natural light.

The Sunset team tapped Jonas DiCaprio of Design Platform to devise a remodel that “left intact the best of the existing details (like the fireplace) while adding more space and some of the midcentury features (like custom built-ins) the original home lacked.” Interior designer Megan Hudacky of cky design was charged with updating the home’s vintage style.
A large, hinged door and several windows allow bright sunlight into the living room.

Energy-efficient aluminum doors and windows keep the heat in during Denver’s cold winters.

Western Window Systems provided all the windows and doors for the Sunset Idea House, including the award-winning Series 9500 Bi-Fold Door, an accordion-style door leading to the home’s outdoor kitchen and patio. Other products included sliding glass doors and windows, fixed, casement, and awning, from the new Series 670 Hinged Window line. The innovative products are showcased in key remodeling phases that merge the interior and exterior, such as moving the kitchen from the front of the home to the back and opening it up to the yard and adding a second level with a master suite and rooftop deck.
An oversized window helps light a corner of the room with a short bookshelf and blue chair.

Oversize pieces of glass are a specialty of Western Window Systems.

A sliding glass door opens the dining space to the lush backyard.

A handsome sliding glass door opens this dining space to the lush backyard.

A front view of the Sunset Idea House covered in brick and numerous windows on both house floors.

Fixed and operable windows cover every wall of this home, bringing natural sunlight into every room.

The Idea House was featured in the November 2015 issue of Sunset magazine.

“We didn’t want to see the same old ideas you can find in any showroom,” says Sunset editor-in-chief Peggy Northrop. “We wanted innovation. We wanted durability. We wanted ideas any homeowner could use.”

With the bi-fold door open, the kitchen and dining choices are opened to the backyard patio.

With the bi-fold door open, the total living space increases exponentially.

A combination of fixed and operable windows add life to this bedroom.

A combination of fixed and operable windows add life to this bedroom.

A sliding glass door and sliding window lead to the outdoor dining area.

Sliding glass door and sliding windows let fresh Colorado air course through the open floor plan.

Customized door and window sizes add a unique look to the outside of the home with various window sizes.

Customized door and window sizes add a unique look to the outside of the home.

For more information on the 2015 Sunset Idea House, including floor plans, before and after photos, and a meet-the-team video, visit the Sunset website.

Architect Jonas DiCaprio, Design Platform

Designer Megan Hudacky, cky design

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