Stunning Simplicity

A Streamlined Sanctuary in Massachusetts

Nestled on the back of a sprawling 9.75-acre parcel, surrounded by majestic old-growth trees, “Casa Annunziata” in Massachusetts stands as a testament to simplicity and symmetry. The home’s minimalist design creates a pristine canvas, allowing the beauty of its surroundings to take center stage.


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  • Massachusetts

Architect Scott Specht of Specht Novak Architects orchestrated the journey to the entry, strategically unveiling the home in stages as visitors approach. “We pushed the house to the far end of the meadow, so as you approach across the field, you see the home from every angle, and the symmetry is part of the experience,” explains Specht.

Formerly residing in an 18th-century farmhouse on 40 acres, the homeowners embarked on a new phase of life, opting for a downsized home that embraces a glassy, minimalist aesthetic. Specht Novak Architects, entrusted with the task, designed a 2,000-square-foot pavilion that seamlessly connects the interior with the natural surroundings and provides a clean backdrop for the homeowners’ extensive art collection.

A figure is seen walking down the passage of a glass-walled home. The glass wall makes the surrounding field visible.

The large expanses of glass and thin sight lines of the Series 600 Multi-Doors and Fixed Windows minimize the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass panels and moving glass walls, the pavilion boasts a thin roof that extends 15 feet from the walls, covering the wraparound porch. The design choice not only blurs the line between indoors and outdoors but also allows the natural beauty of the landscape to be an integral part of the living space.

“We were designing for floor-to-ceiling glass and needed a sleek design with minimal frames. Western Window Systems fit that scope. They have a very regular, modern design for sliding doors and fixed window systems, so it worked perfectly for the house that way,” says Specht.

Inside, the open layout comprises a living room, kitchen, and dining space at the heart of the home, flanked by bedrooms at each end. The interior design emphasizes seamless porcelain walls and floor surfaces, recessed LED lighting, and oak cabinetry. Controls and switches are discreetly hidden in panels to maintain the minimalist aesthetic.
A streamlined modern kitchen island with waterfall edge sits between two large open doorways.

Simplifying the features of the home and continuing surfaces and finishes, such as the ceiling make for a seamless transition between spaces, especially when the Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors are open.

A glass bedroom features huge fixed windows, a modern bed, and concrete floor, contrasted with ornate furniture. Through the window-wall a field is visible.

The sleek style and minimal lines of the Series 600 Fixed Window provide contrast for the owners’ collections.

The simplicity and efficiency of the home’s design contribute to its sustainability. With a small footprint and the use of high-performance glass, coupled with the dramatic roof overhang and canopy, Casa Annunziata achieves an impressive envelope, providing a comfortable and eco-friendly living environment.
“It was a very pure architectural exercise,” says Specht. “We have the home and we have the landscape, and the barrier between them is stripped away. It’s just clean and straightforward.”
A pavilion-style glass house with an oversized concrete porch and roof overhang sits on a plain at sunset.

Dramatic lines ensure that the house makes an outsized impression, regardless of its pared down footprint.

Builder Scott Specht, Specht Novak Architects

Photographer Dror Baldinger