5 Glass Pivot Doors for Every Home Design

Whether a home is mid-century modern or designed to frame natural elements, glass pivot entry doors add character to any entrance. These five pivot doors create stunning entryways that bring in natural light and provide an indoor-outdoor connection without sacrificing style.


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The front of a modern home with concrete and wood planking and a glassy entrance with an open Series 980 pivot entry door.

With a minimal and elegant front entrance, this modern home invites guests in through a large Series 980 aluminum pivot door that adds the right amount of flair. The clean lines and massive glass panels of the entrance blend with the mixture of natural elements of wood and concrete.

Dark painted homes can seem intimidating, so having the right entrance is key to making guests feel comfortable. Adding a large glass pivot entry door not only brightens this home’s entrance, but also frames views of the welcoming interior.

A view of an open black pivot entry door in a modern home, looking out to greenery.
A glass wall with a Series 980 glass pivot door opens a master bedroom to a grassy, tree-filled backyard.

Keeping the intimacy of the master bedroom without giving up views of the lusciously green backyard made choosing a floor-to-ceiling Series 980 glass pivot door the perfect choice. This NorCal home did not shy away from massive panels of uninterrupted glass, while the pivot door provides a connection to the outdoors without needing to completely open the wall of glass.

In the center of this classic Joseph Eichler remodel, the glass-enclosed atrium provides connection to both the front and back yards. A pair of wide, parallel Series 7980 pivot doors provide a dramatic passage between the front and rear courtyards, improving the flow of the home while maintaining the mid-century modern aesthetic seen throughout.

An outside view of a glass enclosed atrium with two large aluminum and glass Series 7980 pivot doors across from each other.
A large, open Series 980 pivot entry door with a transom window makes an inviting entrance to this home on the beach.

This grand pivot entry door is accented by a transom window that establishes a pattern of glass panels found throughout the home. Finished to match the home’s trim, the Series 980 glass pivot door allows the eye to travel through the home’s interior and out to stunning views of the ocean.


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