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Series 980 Pivot Door

The bold, modern choice for making an entrance.

Boldly dramatic and decidedly modern, our Series 980 Pivot Door may be the most impressive way to customize your home’s entryway. Able to swing in or out, its unique distribution of weight makes creating very large openings with just a single panel not only possible, but desirable.

The massive glass on the Series 980 Pivot Door maximizes views and lets in light. Custom hardware allows it to open with ease. And because it’s aluminum, the Series 980 is low maintenance, too. Plus, we offer an array of sizes and finishes to customize your pivot door to most any type of residential or commercial project.

Because of its operation and configuration, the Series 980 Pivot Door is best suited for environments where screening is not necessary.

Series 980 pivot door
“I specify Western Window Systems’ products because of their simple beauty and lasting quality, which is everything an architect wants.” Tor Barstad, architect

Product Features

Clean Design

Large glass and a minimal frame allow for more light and a modern style. For commercial use, a 4.5” frame depth is comparable to that of typical storefront systems.

Smooth Operation

Our custom pivot hardware supports the weight of the door on the bottom arm, creating less stress on the frame and allowing the door to swing smoothly and effortlessly. Even massive doors weighing up to 500 pounds open with ease. An optional concealed overhead closure and secondary lock ensure the door is self-closing.


Built to last, our pivot doors are designed with secured corners and top and bottom rails that nest with the stiles for a permanent, rigid connection.

Climate Ready Glass

Our pivot door features dual-paned low-E glass for better energy performance. Glass can be customized in a variety of types, colors, and thicknesses for improved privacy, protection, and thermal efficiency.

Configurations and Sizes

The Series 980 Pivot Door can swing in or out, and is available in stile widths of 4.71” (with panels up to 63.75" wide and 122.75" tall). For even more design flexibility, it can be partnered with any of our window styles.


Aluminum Finishes
Satin Anodized
Dark Bronze
Hillside Bronze
Bison Beige
Stonish Beige
Autumn Night
Cinnamon Toast
Western White

Aluminum Finishes

Aluminum finishes for the Series 980 Pivot Door are available in-stock, as designer selections, and can be customized to match nearly any color. Samples shown are representative only. For exact paint swatch samples, contact us.

In-Stock Finishes

Dark bronze and satin anodized aluminum come standard with a Class 1 coating thickness for increased smoothness and durability.

Designer Finishes

Our designer colors are based upon popular paint choices in the homebuilding industry and include a high-quality paint finish that conforms to a minimum rating of AAMA-2605, currently the highest rating for organic finishes.

Custom Finishes

Have a specific color in mind? We can customize the color of your Series 980 Pivot Door to match virtually any finish.