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Bright Idea

Five stories of East Bay vistas.

Perched on a steep hillside in California’s East Bay, the 2016 Sunset Idea House is as spectacular as the views of the San Francisco Bay it provides.
2016 Sunset Idea House
Seemingly countless floor-to-ceiling windows and an attractive hinged door are some of the highlights of the Sunset Idea House.
The five-level, 3,600-square-foot home in the Claremont Hills bordering Berkeley and Oakland takes the concept of indoor-outdoor living to previously unimagined places, with Western Window Systems’ floor-to-ceiling sliding doors leading out to five different decks overlooking Berkeley and the bay beyond it, including two each on the third and fourth floors of the home.
2016 Sunset Idea House
Huge panels of glass let in abundant amounts of Bay Area sunshine.
In addition to a master bedroom and kids’ bedroom on the third floor, the $2.8 million residence features an art room on the second floor and wine cellar and guest bedroom on the fourth floor. The second-floor kitchen features a massive Western Window Systems picture window behind the sink, with amazing views of the hills below.
“Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows allow the views to become part of the décor.” Robert Nebolon, architect
2016 Sunset Idea House
Balconies galore give residents and guests ample vantage points from which to gaze upon San Francisco Bay in the distance.
The home’s interior comes courtesy of renowned young designer Lauren Geremia, based in the Oakland area. Inspired by the enthralling vistas, Geremia and her team created an interior design that is softer than what the ultra-modern exterior offers. Geremia mixed new contemporary furniture with vintage pieces throughout the home.
2016 Sunset Idea House
Designers took a softer approach to an ultra-modern interior.
“Art is often our starting point,” Geremia told Sunset magazine. “It brings soul to a space and can even inspire a color palette.”
2016 Sunset Idea House
Western Window Systems awning windows come in virtually any size.
2016 Sunset Idea House
A magnificent window in the second-floor kitchen delivers stunning views of the Berkeley hills.
The Idea House, an annual series that showcases innovations in Western design, was featured in the November issue of Sunset. The 2015 Idea House was located in Denver. Western Window Systems is an annual participant in the Idea House.
2016 Sunset Idea House
Awe-inspiring views of San Francisco Bay, courtesy of Western Window Systems’ sliding doors and windows.