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PGT Innovations Announces Leadership Updates for their Western Division

A three dimensional installation of the Western Window Systems logo is on a wall next to a British telephone booth.

PHOENIX, Ariz. – PGT Innovations (NYSE: PGTI), a national leader in the premium window and door category, recently announced changes in leadership roles within the growing Western Division.

Jeremy Flynn will be taking on a newly expanded role as the VP of Sales for the Western Division. Previously VP of Custom Sales for Western Window Systems, Flynn now will have divisional responsibilities for Western Window Systems, Anlin, CRi and Skye Walls. Flynn will help lead selling across brands, new product strategy and overall divisional sales strategy.

“Jeremy has helped to reorganize and focus our efforts on core markets, driving industry leading growth,” Mike Wothe, president of the Western Division and Western Window Systems, said. “We know his deep industry experience and customer-focused leadership will guide our sales team to new heights.”

Brian Leizerowicz will replace Flynn as the VP of Custom Sales for Western Window Systems. Leizerowicz has a long tenure with Western Window Systems, and has held leadership roles for both regional and divisional sales teams. Known for being an adaptive and knowledgeable leader, he’ll bring focused leadership to an experienced team.

Mark Yeandle, currently the VP of Operations for Western Window Systems, will continue to lead operations there, while taking on additional responsibilities with the most recently acquired Anlin Windows brand. He has 35 years of experience in the windows industry and will help add additional scale and capacity to Anlin Windows.

“Mark has made a large impact at Western Window Systems, improving safety, quality and growing the capacity to meet the demands of the market,” Wothe said of Yeandle’s accomplishments at Western Window Systems. “We look forward to his operational leadership throughout the division.”

Abbas Ali was promoted to the Divisional CFO earlier this year and was instrumental in the acquisitions of Anlin and CRi in 2021, as well as the financial transitions in the Western Division. His leadership has driven budget and process results and created a greater culture of accountability across the division.

Melissa Miner, the current VP of Human Resources, will continue to function in a divisional role. Miner has been foundational in the success of growing both professional and manufacturing roles, helping bring in over 1,000 team members across the division.

“Together the goal of these changes is to prepare the Western Division of PGT Innovations to grow and thrive for all parties involved; customers, employees and shareholders,” Wothe said.