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Where we’re heading in 2023 – A message from Mike Wothe

A man is presenting to three women in front of a multi-slide door.
As we kickoff 2023, we’ve been hearing plenty of speculation about what the year will bring. How will interest rates and inflation impact the housing market? What does this mean for new construction? And what segments of these markets are most impacted?
At Western Window Systems, we’ve set a course over the last few years that I believe will guide us well through any market turbulence this coming year. That’s because of the work our team has done to consistently outperform in three key areas:
  • Our production schedule and lead times
  • Our product quality
  • The way we treat our customers
Our team has worked hard over the last few years to make sure we’re truly “listening to understand” and making changes to ensure that we can respond to your needs. We’re refining our processes and how we build our products. We’ve been focused on being smarter and more efficient, so we can continuously improve our quality and lead times. This allows us to be more responsive to what the market needs. We’re creating high-quality products, with reasonable lead times and responsive service, that positions us well heading into 2023. We’re excited about new products and product enhancements that will roll out in the new year. IBS is going to be an exciting time for us, where many of these innovations will be released. We hope to see you there.
Over the last decade we’ve seen indoor-outdoor living evolve from a luxury to a standard. The demand is high, and it’s here to stay. By being the partner of choice for dealers, offering high-quality products that fit the vision of architects and the lifestyle homeowners desire, we are poised to make 2023 a great year for Western Window Systems, our partners, and our customers.