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New Year, New Products. See Them Up Close at IBS 2024

New Products Debuting at IBS 2024

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (for the home building industry). Come see us at the International Builders’ Show from February 27 to 29 for our debut of two new products.

As the pre-eminent convention for the residential construction industry, IBS attracts more than 80,000 professionals across the country and is a wonderful opportunity to connect with builders, developers, architects, resellers and the trades. Most notably, IBS is the industry’s primary venue for showcasing new products, technologies, and innovations. As an exhibitor, we’re excited to announce the introduction of the company’s enhancement to the Series 600 Fixed Window and brand-new products, including the 7665 Pass-Through Window and Water Management Sill. Get a sneak peek here, then come visit us at booth #C4525 to learn more.

Series 600 Fixed Window

Indoor-outdoor connections. Views. Natural light. Architects and home builders want to meet homeowners’ desire to dissolve the boundaries between inside and outside. We now offer our Series 600 Fixed Window with a new narrow T-bar configuration option to do just that, offering more glass with less frame to create striking glass walls with wide-open sightlines.

This optional configuration to the fixed window provides all the same customizable and energy efficiency benefits of the Classic Line — now with a two-inch mullion compared to the traditional three-inch width. The difference may seem minimal on paper but is dramatic at scale. The new design allows for up to an impressive 50 square feet of glass on either side of the mullion to pull in the outdoors, frame views, and harness more natural light. For specific configuration information, please reach out to your Western Window Systems representative or dealer.

Vice President of Engineering Kevin Vilhauer notes the minimalism trend of thinner frames is reminiscent of older industrial warehouses but requires modern-day performance features. “We had to be more creative on the design and engineering sides to ensure it still has all of the modern benefits of strength, thermal efficiency, and ability to withstand certain pressures like wind forces.”

The result is a slim profile that maximizes strength and thermal performance with a lot of design flexibility. The Narrow T-Bar Window’s design-neutral construction makes it incredibly versatile and compatible with many architectural styles, from modern and modern farmhouse to mid-century and contemporary.

7665 Pass-Through Window

Indoor-outdoor living is easy and effortless with the new 7665 Pass-Through Window. Designed for installation above a countertop, the pass-through window connects a home’s indoor and outdoor kitchen or dining spaces. Homeowners can easily move food and beverages between both areas with ease, expanding a home’s overall living space. “The 7665 Pass-Through Window enhances the indoor-outdoor living experience that’s become a top feature of new construction homes,” says Brian Leizerowicz, Vice President of Sales.

Like an awning window, the pass-through window’s top continuous hinge offers a smooth profile to minimize visual obstruction compared to competitor models. Gas struts are completely concealed (when the window is closed) to provide consistent and smooth operation with single-point locking and a contemporary pull handle. The 7665 Pass-Through Window is part of the Performance Line, a collection of aluminum windows and doors designed to merge aesthetics and energy efficiency to meet rigorous building standards and energy codes, including California’s Title 24 requirements (does not meet T24 prescriptive U-Factor).

Sizing is customizable, accommodating up to 48 square feet of glass. Choose the no-sill option so the window is flush with the countertop or with a sill for water management. The 7665 Pass-Through Window frame and sashing match that of the Performance Line casement awning windows to create a cohesive sightline that balances form and function.

Water Management Sill

When it comes to expanding a home’s living space into the outdoors, it’s all in the details. Our new Water Management Sill is a floor-level sill that creates a more seamless indoor-outdoor transition while providing maximum water management performance. Its flush design allows continuous flooring between tracks to eliminate the bulky look of a traditional floor-level sill.

When specifying large multi-sliding doors, architects and builders are often forced to choose between a streamlined look and water performance. The new Water Management Sill offers both. The sill’s flush design features a hidden drainage system that moves water out and away from the glass door opening for improved weatherability in exposed areas.

“We’re replacing a type of sill that’s traditionally large and bulky with a smooth and streamlined design that offers great water performance,” says Vilhauer. Architects and builders can create more visual continuity in their homes for a stronger connection between inside and outside spaces.

The Water Management Sill is currently available as an option for the Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door and will roll out to other products in the future.

See Us at IBS in Las Vegas

Good things are in store for 2024. Visit us at IBS at booth #C4525 for a first look at these exciting new products for residential architects and home builders.