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Minimalism to Scale

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Where thin sightlines and massive glass meets high capacity and short lead times

When developing the new Series 300 Minimalist Multi-Slide Door, Western Window Systems wanted a product with maximum glass, minimal sightlines. The outcome – a minimalist multi-slide door with a 1.125” interlock that avoids adding excessive depth while maximizing glass panes.

Leveraging the Classic Series multi-slide door allows for short lead times and high capacity for building the doors. Keeping the same Series 600 Multi-Slide platform, 1.5” rollers were used for smooth operation while the bottom rail height was reduced alongside the interlocks.

“The biggest value that the Series 300 provides is our ability to produce this product with high efficiency of production. Therefore, you’re going to have really low lead times compared to our competitors,” Richard Mazur, the design engineering manager, said. “And because we’re also leveraging the Classic Series and that chassis, we have economies of scale, so the price point is going to be very favorable as well.”

Available now through dealer partners, the Series 300 makes it easier for architects and builders to source minimalist multi-slide doors outside of Europe.

“The inch and an eighth profile compared to your typical 3, 3.5 inches wide, maximizes the daylight opening, the visible glass. Having the narrow sightline at the bottom too, the expanse of glass is amazing,” President of The Window and Door Shop Warren Sizemore said. “With competition having the wider rails, this one is going to stand out.”

Currently maxed out at 12’ tall, the Series 300 can be as wide as architectural details allow with proper support. Capturing breathtaking views with massive panels of glass are made easy with this minimalist multi-slide door.

“Competitors try to get that big, but I know Western Window Systems is always pushing the ticket. Bigger and better,” Elia Robles, project manager of The Window and Door Shop, said. “You see a lot of doors very similar to this, but when you get up close and take a look at this, you see that it’s nothing like what you’re seeing out here (from competitors). It’s slim from every angle and you’re not getting that from anyone else.”

Four first reactions to the Series 300

See what some of our sales representatives and dealers love about this minimalist multi-slide door:

“It is a multi-slide door that maximizes viewing capability for our clients to enhance that indoor outdoor living that everybody wants so much. Our clients are keen on getting this into their homes.”

“This door can also be motorized, which is a luxury feature that every one of our clients would love to have in their home. And it's a beautiful, smooth operating system that is quiet and easy to use. You can have a remote, you can have it on your phone and an app, you can have it on a wall mount.”

“We're going to be able to set ourselves apart from competition just with that narrow interlock. Not that it's just so narrow, but the depth of it also doesn’t increase and get really deep like the competitors. So even looking at it from an angle, you don't see it. So I'm excited to get back to the office and get our display.”

“When I first saw this door it was just, wow. It's such an attractive door. It’s everything the consumers are looking for. More glass, less material. All I want to see is outside and you get that with this door.”

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