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90-degree Configurations in Commercial Applications

An attractive 90-degree bi-fold door completely opens up the corner of the restaurant to the outdoors.

Whether it’s a bustling urban restaurant, beachfront real estate, or an innovative office in the desert, 90-degree configurations of multi-slide or bi-fold doors can transform commercial settings. Architects are finding ways to use this eye-catching configuration for more flexible spaces and indoor-outdoor experiences that appeal to patrons, employees, and residents. Here are three examples of open-corner configurations in commercial applications. 


In Phoenix, Arizona, where the weather is temperate for almost three seasons of the year, Southwestern restaurant Z’Tejas installed bifold doors in a 90-degree configuration on a raised platform to completely open one corner of the restaurant to the outdoors, giving diners a fresh, open-air experience no matter where they sit. 

Multi-Family Housing 

The new luxury townhomes Makali’i in Wailea, Hawaii employ 90-degree configurations of Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors in all 68 units to give residents uninterrupted island views, abundant natural light, and cooling ocean breezes. 


Ware Malcomb, the architecture firm that designed Western Window Systems’ office and manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona, seamlessly merged a large conference room on the first floor with the lobby using a 90-degree multi-slide door, creating space for socially distanced greetings and meetings with a welcoming, open feel. The Western Window Systems building includes several indoor-outdoor spaces for team members and guests to enjoy. 

A uniquely shaped home with numerous sliding glass doors.

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