Toll Brothers’ Open Campus

Boulder Ranch captures views all around

Sitting amidst the towering saguaros and majestic mountains of the Sonoran Desert, homes in Toll Brothers’ Boulder Ranch community in Scottsdale, Arizona, are undisputed showpieces of luxury indoor-outdoor living.

The homes feature three new floor plans that facilitate what Toll Brothers project manager Ben Steimel calls “campus lifestyle.”


  • Residential
  • Volume Program


  • Multi-Slide Door
  • Series 600


  • Arizona
Multiple floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors open to envelop the indoor living space with a seamless view of a mountain landscape.

Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass patio doors create wide and bright openings throughout the Boulder Ranch model homes.

“That’s not only indoor living that’s open and free, but also indoor-outdoor living,” he says. “So, it incorporates a lot of indoor courtyards, side courtyards, open front courtyards, a lot of atriums, and a lot of expansive spaces outside the traditional rear yard.”

Toll Brothers further differentiated its designs at Boulder Ranch with indoor-outdoor living options including floor-to-ceiling multi-slide doors that expand space and maximize views of the surrounding desert landscape. “If we can add a door somewhere – it’s usually just a window or a blank wall – it allows us to open the house up at any point so that we can truly maximize our views and surrounding scenery,” Steimel says.

Toll Brothers’ choice to achieve Boulder Ranch’s airy campus lifestyle aesthetic is the Series 600 Multi-Slide Door. Low-E, dual-paned glass provides energy efficiency, while stainless steel ball-bearing rollers make it easy to operate, even with the large panel sizes.

“Western Window Systems are an amazing tool for us to meet our design objectives,” Steimel says. “We incorporate a lot of Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors in our homes because of the large, expansive views they allow, the ease of use, and the energy efficiency they provide.”

Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass patio doors create wide and bright openings throughout the Boulder Ranch model homes, giving views of property features like sparkling infinity edge pools and an indoor-outdoor patio.

An indoor-outdoor dining space is separated by multi-slide glass doors leading to an outdoor infinity pool.

Moving glass walls provide year-round indoor-outdoor dining and views of property features like infinity edge pools.

A tall multi-slide glass door is fully open, allowing a bedroom to transition to an outdoor seating area and view of a mountain landscape.

Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors facilitate expansive openings and seamless transitions from any room in the home to the outdoors.

The indoor-outdoor patios are especially dramatic when designed with 90-degree, open corner configurations of Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors, which is an option in Boulder Ranch floor plans. This configuration completely removes the barrier between the indoors and the outside, and the lack of a corner frame or connecting post provides unobstructed views.

This seamless transition is impressive to homeowners not only for the views, but for the effortless operation of the sliding door systems. “Our homeowners are always extremely pleased with the functionality and the aesthetics of the door,” Steimel says. “When you open a Western Window Systems door, you can feel the quality.”

With moving walls of glass throughout Boulder Ranch homes, people are perpetually surrounded by panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert, so much so they sometimes insist such sights must have been purposely planned.

“A lot of guests who visit our model home tell us, ‘You must have taken great time to position the home just so, so the views are just so,’” Steimel says. “And I tell them, ‘Honestly, we didn’t spend a lot of time on it. The views are all around us, so it’s easy to capture the views.’”

An outdoor seating area leads to an indoor bedroom through a partially open multi-slide glass door.

The “campus lifestyle” of Boulder Ranch homes revolves around an airy aesthetic and indoor-outdoor spaces achieved using multi-slide doors.