Sonoran Desert Dreaming

Creating a Sense of Movement and Wonder

When Architect Tor Stuart discovered this site in the Scottsdale foothills, he saw a proverbial diamond in the rough, or in this case, nestled among many undulating boulders. Where others passed on the property because of its site challenges, situated a stone’s throw from Pinnacle Peak, Tor saw opportunity. “I understood how those peaks and valleys could be flattened out into a long white building pad.”


  • Residential


  • Multi-Slide Door
  • Window Wall
  • Hinged Door
  • Classic Line


  • Arizona
Exterior view of the backyard and sliding glass doors of a custom home.

Immerse in sweeping vista views from carefully crafted outdoor living spaces.

Constraints often ignite creativity and innovation. Such was the case here, where Stuart used the site’s boulders and uneven terrain to his advantage. His client’s desire for privacy was also top of mind, as a neighboring home was located up on the hills behind the property.

Careful site planning, layout, and architectural features allowed him to create a bespoke custom home with sweeping vista views. Stuart’s design features a floor plan that orients most of the home’s primary living spaces toward the rear and close to views. Stuart encased most of these spaces in glass to enjoy wide-open views and easy movement into the outdoor living areas.

With the Series 600 Multi-Slide Door, his concept of an angled center-meet design was fully realized. The sliding doors close at a 135-degree angle and fall away to fully expand the home’s living space, simultaneously creating a focal point and disappearing act. “That is a very specific angle so that it lines up exactly with Pinnacle Peak while the center point aligns with the center of the valley and city lights.” Coupled with transom and clerestory windows, the multi-slide door design propels movement through the living room and out to the expansive outdoor living space that appears ready to take flight. It creates an irresistible invitation to relax by the pool and take in views of Pinnacle Peak and the valley floor.

Stuart credits Western Window Systems for its large opening sizes and ability to meet his unique design. “To seamlessly connect those [multi-slide doors] together, it’s hard to get it right, so there’s an incredible level of precision and professionalism behind it.”

Interior view of a living room with fully opened Series 600 multi-slide doors.

Seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living with the Series 600 Multi-Slide Door design.

Interior view of a kitchen leading to an outdoor patio with a fully opened Series 600 multi-slide door.

Living space extended effortlessly with the Series 600 Multi-Slide Door.

Wind and gusts are common in the Scottsdale foothills with its open and elevated terrain. The Classic Line’s strength and durability were also factors in his specifications. Dual-paned, low-E glass withstands the area’s high temperatures and improves energy efficiency.

Each outdoor space flows seamlessly into the next and seems to float above its surroundings. “You can double the livable square footage of your property by simply opening the doors or windows to the outside, and the seamless interaction creates an extension of the natural living space.” Living room and kitchen tile flooring carry into the patio, reinforcing the effortless indoor-outdoor connection.

Stuart did not isolate the home’s dramatic moments to the back of the home. He uses windows and doors to create movement in multiple areas of the home. “The windows are an essential element of the home, and the views are captured purposefully at every point to magically create scenarios and mini focal points.” Approaching the entry, visitors are met with the Series 900 Hinged Door encased in a window wall. Movement and anticipation begin there, creating a visual prelude to the horizon views that await inside.

Interior view of a home entryway with a Series 900 hinged door encased in glass.

Step into an architectural masterpiece where every view is purposefully framed.

Interior view of an office with opened Series 600 multi-slide doors showcasing sunset views.

Breathtaking sunset views from the office space.

Sunset views are an experience, as terrain and sky pastel hues mingle into the evening. Stuart hasn’t created a home as much as a destination, the perch of all perches resting between land and air.