Family Unit

Indoor-outdoor living meets evolving floor plans for multiple households living under one roof

Targeting the needs of the 60 million Americans currently living in a multigenerational residence, the ReNEWable Living Home is a smart approach to providing flexible, open floor plans for ever-evolving families. Labeled “Sandwich Generation” households, these homes include young adults and older parents living under the same roof as the primary breadwinners.


  • Residential
  • Volume Program


  • Multi-Slide Door
  • Series 7600
  • 90-Degree Door


  • Florida
An outdoor seating area seamlessly transitions to a dining room through a fully opened 90-degree multi-slide glass door.

The Series 7600 90-Degree Multi-Slide Door opens up two different rooms to an outdoor living space in the ReNEWable Living Home.

The Orlando-area 5,800-square-foot home, developed by Meritage Homes in conjunction with Hanley Wood’s BUILDER magazine and Arizona-based BSB Design, includes seven bedrooms and five bathrooms with flex spaces that can be tailored to the demands of each individual homebuyer. And as these Sandwich Generation households evolve, with family members leaving or re-entering the nest, the ReNEWable Living Home’s floor plan can evolve along with them.

At the heart of the home is Western Window Systems’ Series 7600 90-Degree Multi-Slide Door, a giant, floor-to-ceiling moving wall of glass that can open up two different rooms to a covered outdoor living space. On one side of the 90-degree system is the dining space, and on the other is the great room. When both sides of the door are slid away from each other in wall pockets, the homeowner experiences a greatly expanded living space with improved interior flow and the boundary between the outdoors and the indoors eliminated.

A two-story home with a white and brown exterior and a dark brown roof is framed by a lush green yard and sunset sky.

This covered outdoor living space becomes one with the home’s interior when the 90-degree multi-slide door is open.

A close-up view of a multi-slide glass door’s bottom rail and tracks.

The Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door is Western Window Systems’ most energy-efficient multi-slide yet.

The height of the doors was actually increased from the more conventional height of eight feet to 9 feet, 6 inches. This served to create a more dramatic opening for the 18-foot span.

“The Series 7600 Multi-Slide helps create sanctuary by improving the lifestyle of the homeowners through the indoor-outdoor living spaces it helps create,” says Erick Felsch, national accounts manager for Western Window Systems’ Volume Program. “The new 7600 is one of the strongest, most energy-efficient products of its kind on the market today.”


Use of the Series 7600 is only one part of the ReNEWable Living Home’s overall focus on energy efficiency. New technologies involving wall assembly, insulation, and roofing have been introduced in the home, as have an energy management product from Schneider Electric, called Wiser Energy, and the Carrier Complete Home Comfort System. Meritage also included energy-smart appliances from Whirlpool, an app-controlled spa shower by Moen, and a Greyter graywater management system.

A covered outdoor seating area reaches the indoor living room through a partially opened multi-slide glass door.

In addition to being energy efficient and structurally sound, the Series 7600 also promotes contemporary design.

Builder Meritage Homes