Shop Employee of the Year (Night Shift) – 2018

Shop Employee of the Year (Night Shift) – 2018
Dec 18, 2018

Michael Morales

To be the best, a competitive spirit goes a long way. To go even further, it takes enthusiasm and a desire to be the best.

That describes paneling lead Michael Morales, who since starting with the company in February 2017 has made it a point to make sure he and his team do what it takes to succeed.

“At the end of the day, Michael wants to have done better than he did the day before,” says manager Mike Flores. “He is willing to accept change and create change to be successful.”

One who possesses a great attitude, Michael is known to care very much about the people he works with.

“He has learned the ability to work with and communicate with many different personalities,” Flores says. “Every day, Michael comes in with a great attitude. It begins at the start of the day and goes to the end of the day, which motivates anybody he comes in contact with.”

In the core value of innovation, Michael played a major role in establishing processes and clearing up bottlenecks, especially given the new process developed in the panels department.

“Because he understands the employees he works with, and because he understands the panels line so well, he has been instrumental in directing team members to make panels as efficiently as possible,” says Flores.

In the end, Michael has a great work ethic, always striving to complete the task in front of him and making sure it’s done correctly.

Says Flores: “He is constantly working. He is constantly moving, and getting glass, tools, parts, or whatever is needed to make sure his team has what they need to stay working.”

Congratulations to Michael Morales, Western Window Systems’ night shift shop employee of the year for 2018.