Shop Employee of the Year (Day Shift) – 2018

Shop Employee of the Year (Day Shift) – 2018
Dec 18, 2018

Brian Gutierrez

His manager calls him the “best example of a perfect employee.” He never misses work, and he does what is asked of him, doing it correctly and quickly. And he has earned the complete trust of management.

The guy we’re talking about is windows coordinator Brian Gutierrez.

“I trust Brian 100 percent with the decisions that need to be made on the floor,” says manager Karl Price.

Brian is credited with a total understanding of the department and everything that goes into making award-winning products.

“He successfully controls the entire window department, from saw to glazing to making sure that everyone has what they need and are working safely,” Price says. “He has the tough conversations with employees who need improvement, and he does a great job of coaching them to be successful.”

Price lauds Brian for his integrity, teamwork, and fortitude, especially in the face of extreme challenges.

“The pain he endured launching the Series 7000 windows was probably enough to make anyone give up,” says Price. “But he stuck it out and got it done, training himself in most cases and then training the builders.”

And Brian is the consummate advocate for the core values of excellence, innovation, and partnership.

Price sums it up thusly: “Brian eats, breathes, and bleeds Western Window Systems!”

Congratulations to Brian Gutierrez, Western Window Systems’ day shift shop employee of the year for 2018.