A massive multi-slide door connects the kitchen to the backyard.

Warmly Minimal

A top-end transformation with world-class views.

Los Angeles-based design-build firm Walker Workshop designed this pleasant modern residence tucked in the hills west of the San Fernando Valley. Moving glass walls throughout the home, including a Series 600 90-Degree Multi-Slide Pocketing Door in the kitchen, blur the lines between the inside and the outdoors and let in sunlight and fresh air.


  • Series 600
  • Sliding glass door
  • Windows
  • Series 900
  • 90-Degree
  • Multi-Slide
  • Pocketing
  • Hinged Door
  • Residential
  • Classic Line
  • Windows


  • California
A sliding glass door that opens to a private balcony lets in natural light alongside large windows that make the corner of the bedroom nearly all glazing.

Huge walls of glass allow copious amounts of Southern California natural light into the master bedroom.

A sliding glass door in the master bedroom is perfectly positioned to enjoy the views. Matching fixed and hinged windows continue the modern theme. And a Series 900 Hinged Door in the front entry keeps the space feeling bright and airy.

“Indoor-outdoor living and bringing the outdoors in means glass. It means I need to be able to see through things. I need to feel I’m outside when I’m not outside.” 

- Marc Nassos
Principal, Marc Development
A massive Series 600 Multi-Slide Door seamlessly merges the kitchen with the back patio.

A massive Series 600 Multi-Slide Door seamlessly merges the kitchen with the back patio.

A massive Series 600 Multi-Slide Door seamlessly merges the kitchen with the back patio.

A large, hinged door and adjacent fixed window from Western Window Systems gives the entry a light, airy vibe.

A view of the white, glassy home with wood paneling accents from above.

Giant moving walls of glass redefine indoor-outdoor living in the San Fernando Valley.

Sliding glass doors and large windows connect every room to the landscape.

A blend of contemporary and rustic make for an incredibly appealing mix.

This easy-to-use pocketing slider connects this lounge area to the outside.

This easy-to-use pocketing slider connects the indoors with the outside.

A hinged window complements a fixed window next to this room’s fireplace.

Hinged windows complement fixed windows throughout Walker Workshop’s design.

A view of the massive, open multi-slide door connecting the dining room to the grassy backyard.

Southern California living is made easy with Western Window Systems’ sleek, contemporary-looking sliding doors and windows.

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