Western Window Systems’ Newest Sliding and Folding Doors Now ENERGY STAR® Certified

Western Window Systems’ Newest Sliding and Folding Doors Now ENERGY STAR® Certified
Oct 26, 2017

[Phoenix] – October 26, 2017 – Today, Western Window Systems announced that the thermally improved aluminum multi-slide door, sliding glass door, and bi-fold door from its all-new Series 7000 family of performance-based products have earned ENERGY STAR ratings, the government-backed national symbol of energy efficiency.

“We believe the addition of the ENERGY STAR seal of approval to our performance line of sliding and folding doors will help people make easy, informed decisions when choosing energy-efficient building products for their homes,” says Cameron Wyatt, Western Window Systems’ vice president of design and supply chain. “We’ve invested heavily across our new Series 7000 performance family to create a lineup of ENERGY STAR labeled products that encourages people to live better while knowing they are making an environmentally responsible choice.”

Western Window Systems’ new Series 7000 performance line of thermally improved aluminum moving glass walls, doors, and windows addresses energy and structural requirements while promoting a contemporary design aesthetic. Advancements include across-the-board low U-value ratings, exceptional design pressure (DP) ratings, and low-E coated glass from Cardinal IG. Introduced in March with the debut of the Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door, the Series 7000 family also includes Western Window Systems’ Series 7650 Sliding Glass Door (announced in August) and the Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door, set to launch this month. The company plans to introduce nine additional Series 7000 door and window products over the next several months.

“The product and technology innovations in our new Series 7000 family combined with ENERGY STAR certification will continue to push our focus on energy efficiency in exciting new ways,” says Wyatt. “We’re thrilled to offer customers looking to cut costs, consume less energy, and decrease waste an attractive solution.”

For more information on the Series 7000 family of performance-based products, visit westernwindowsystems.com.

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