A massive, hinged door opens this bedroom to a pathway.

Series 900 Hinged Door

The Western Window Systems Series 900 Hinged Door combines tremendous capability with unmatched versatility. With wide glass panels that maximize views and let in light, it’s perfect for creating an impressive main entrance, clearing interior passage, and connecting the indoors with the outdoors via a patio, deck, or balcony. And because you can combine it with our windows, there’s even more to love. 

  • Large panel sizes
  • Multiple sill height options
  • Premium hardware options
  • Low-E glass, dual-paned
  • Concealed locking system
  • Single/double inswing or outswing 
  • Thermally broken aluminum



The Series 900 Hinged Door is designed for anything you want it to do. A strong, continuous hinge can support panels as wide as five feet. Top and bottom rails of the door nest with the stiles to eliminate daylight at the corners. Available in single or double inswing or outswing configurations, it can be paired with any of our window styles.

Two hinged doors are made a part of this home’s window wall.

Durability and Performance

Thanks to precision manufacturing, you can expect the Series 900 Hinged Door to last a lifetime.

  • Corners are secured with a tie rod for a permanent, rigid connection.
  • An optional concealed overhead closure and secondary lock ensure the door is self-closing.
  • On hinged door pairs, the passive panel features continuous weatherstripping for additional protection.
  • On doors over 96″ tall, roller catches help pull the door in tight.  Available with a Type C lock and ladder pull.
  • Thermally broken aluminum provides an insulating barrier.
Series 900 Hinged Door

Configurations and Sizes

Available in single or double inswing and outswing configurations.

Sizing for a 45 by 121-inch door.

Single leaf with a medium stile up to a size of 45″ x 121.5″

Single Leaf - 39x109

Single leaf with a narrow stile up to a size of 39″ x 109.5″

Sizing for a 75 by 109-inch pair of doors.

Hinged pair leaf up to a size of 75″ x 109.5″


Standard hreshold

Standard Threshold

Ideal for residential applications, the standard threshold is 4.5″ wide and features a 1″ exterior step (1.68″ for inswing doors) that protects against water penetration and allows full perimeter weatherstripping on outswing doors, reducing air infiltration. Inswing doors are equipped with a weatherstrip assembly mounted to the bottom of the door that sweeps against the threshold. Finished to match the color of the frame.
Commercial Threshold

Commercial Threshold

The Series 900 Hinged Door utilizes a low-profile commercial threshold that favors ease of entry over protection from the elements. Available in satin and bronze anodized finishes. Capable of meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Not warrantied against water penetration.

Handles and Locking


Dallas Handle

Our Dallas handle features a minimal design and comfortable grip. Finish choices are available in brushed nickel or black. Available only with the 4.71″ and 3.15″ stile.

An image of a multi-point lock.

Multi-Point Lock

Lever-activated, the multi-point lock provides additional vertical strength and security through several locking points in the jamb or inactive stile. When the added protection of a multi-point lock isn’t necessary, the single-point lock (only available with the Dallas handle) secures the door in one place.


Type C Lock

The heavy-duty Type C lock features a 1.12″ backset on narrow-stile doors and a 1.5″ backset on medium-stile doors. Only available with the 48″ offset ladder pull. Panic hardware option also available.

Offset Ladder Pull

Our offset ladder pull handle offers contemporary styling with a 48″ handle length. Finish choices are available in brushed nickel or black. 


Samples shown are representative only. For exact paint swatch samples, find a dealer near you.

2023 Finishes

In-Stock Finishes

Bronze Anodized and Satin Anodized aluminum with a Class 1 coating thickness.

Designer Finishes

Based upon popular paint choices in the homebuilding industry and conform to a minimum rating of AAMA-2605.

Custom Finishes

We can customize the color of your Series 900 Hinged Door to match nearly any finish.

Custom Aluminum Finishes

Customized to match virtually any finish.
Two large, hinged doors connect the patio to the home.


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