Office Employee of the Month – February 2019

Office Employee of the Month – February 2019
Feb 20, 2019

Heather Zeik

Any company is fortunate to employ a team member who can move from one department to another without a hitch. And when that employee excels in either environment, it’s a double bonus.

That describes senior HR business partner and payroll manager Heather Zeik, who was loved by her accounting department team but, being a team player, took on a role in human resources.

“As we had a transition in HR,” says president Scott Gates, “Heather was willing to leave a team she loved to join a new group because she cares about Western Window Systems and truly embodies the spirit of partnership that defines #oneteam.”

Gates lauds Heather’s attention to detail and her passion for making employee experience at WWS better. He notes that she made sure that the payroll processes were “bulletproof and more exact so that everyone got paid on time and correctly.”

He praises her for her creativity when it comes to solving problems.

“In a tight labor market,” Gates says, “there are always unique challenges when it comes to recruiting, cost management, and retention. Heather has been a leader in coming up with new ideas that help Western Window Systems overcome those unique challenges.”

Congratulations to Heather Zeik, Western Window Systems’ office employee of the month for February.