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Graphic showing a PVB acoustic layer between two panels of glass with noise reduction illustrated by red and green arrows

New developments in acoustic glazing are helping glassmakers and installers reduce noise pollution, driving greater demand for quieter buildings.

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A Window and Door into Title 24

January 16, 2020

How Fenestration Fits with California’s Latest Codes

California has set big-time goals for energy efficiency in 2020. And, well, the year has finally arrived.

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5 Things to Know About Our Holiday Shipping Schedule

The holidays are on their way, and we want you to know a few things that will help you manage your projects around our production schedule during this busy time.

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Fenestration Reputation

October 15, 2019

Custom window craftsman Eddie Ballesteros celebrates 30 years with Western Window Systems.

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Engineers Katy Fefolt and Jacob Blackburn Become Certified Simulators

Two Western Window Systems engineers recently became certified simulators through the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

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Strategies for Engaging Natural Light in Design

Daylight. It can be fresh, beautiful, delicate, warm, and renewing – humankind’s first illumination, long before the gift of fire. It brings us energy and hope, makes plants grow, makes water sparkle. Daylight lifts our moods and sets our internal clocks.

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