Engineers Katy Fefolt and Jacob Blackburn Become Certified Simulators | Latest News | News

May 22, 2019

Two Western Window Systems engineers recently became certified simulators through the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Testing engineer Katy Fefolt and design engineer Jacob Blackburn spent a week last September in Toronto, Canada undergoing rigorous training before passing two comprehensive tests to earn their NFRC simulator certification. Katy and Jacob were officially added to the NFRC Certified Simulator List this month, in the “Simulators with a Manufacturer” category. There are only about 60 simulators that work for manufacturers, and now WWS has two of them.

Western Window Systems products are sent to laboratory simulators outside our facility, Katy says, but having two certified simulators in our facility will speed up the process by allowing her to check the values before sending products to simulators and enables Jacob to design faster by running his own simulators and getting immediate feedback for his designs before sending them to a laboratory simulator. “Basically,” Katy says, “We can do more R&D now.”

Congratulations to Katy and Jacob on their NFRC simulator certifications!