WOW Opportunities: RAM Windows Fulfills Potential Every Step of the Way

WOW Opportunities: RAM Windows Fulfills Potential Every Step of the Way
Mar 14, 2019

The way RAM Windows president/CEO Eric Spence sees it, knowledge isn’t just power – knowledge is also style, and a value add to every step of a design project, whether that’s one of the Texas-based company’s glass-gilded residential gems or one of its commercial crowns.

“Our experienced staff works hard to add value at every step in the window and door sourcing process,” Spence says. “We actively seek out involvement in the architectural concept stage to look for ‘WOW opportunities’ with our products and to incorporate budget-friendly suggestions where needed/applicable. We engage with the architect, builder, and homeowner to fulfill design potential at every stage of a project.”

RAM Windows also provides a complimentary end-of-project service to ensure all their windows and doors perform as intended and meet the expectations of the project. And Western Window Systems has long been a part of RAM Windows’ quality assurance and client satisfaction.

“We have enjoyed a very close partnership with Western Window Systems for nearly four years,” Spence says. “We appreciate their knowledgeable and competent staff, which absolutely is a requirement for the broad range of technical window and door products offered by Western.”

Western Window Systems products are prominently displayed throughout RAM Windows’ showroom, including a three-panel, multi-slide door; a three-panel, 90-degree corner double-pocketing multi-slide door; a French hinged door set; and multiple combination window systems. “We have 11-foot ceilings to showcase our full-size displays, including floor-to-ceiling window walls and large multi-slide pocketing door systems,” Spence says of the showroom. “Our clients can actively compare different product types from entry-level vinyl windows all the way to luxury aluminum, clad-wood and steel systems.”

In line with Spence’s appreciation for knowledge and the value it adds, RAM Windows uses technology to enhance its customers’ experience. “We have various window and door quote tools including plan mark-up software to illustrate window and door options throughout a project. We also have in-house CAD capability to provide shop drawings and mock-up details for complicated installation instances,” Spence says. “We have a detailed image library from the multitude of projects we have supplied that can be utilized to provide a completed visual aid for homeowners across architectural styles and design alternatives.”

But it’s the employees and their expertise, Spence says, that make RAM Windows truly stand apart from its competitors. “Our employees are the absolute key to our success… we actively celebrate our company’s successes and engage our employees routinely to keep them up to date and involved in our strategic plan,” Spence says, adding that his company offers a referral incentive program to employees, along with a full benefits package including health insurance and retirement plans.

The company culture at RAM Windows includes community service and philanthropic activities. RAM has participated in multiple Habitat for Humanity projects with donated window and door packages, and also took an active role in recovery efforts over the 18 months following Hurricane Harvey, including using company trucks to deliver donated relief supplies.

In addition to cultivating a caring and knowledgeable staff, Spence considers RAM’s partnership with Western Window Systems key to his company’s product portfolio. “Western products allow us additional flexibility and versatility in serving our customers,” he says. “With Western, we have the ability to bridge architectural design classifications and also go up and down the budget spectrum with project opportunities.”

“Western is constantly innovating, which supports our continued evolution into a wider range of projects and supply opportunities,” Spence adds. “As both of our companies have grown, Western continues to be a critical part of our combined success.”

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