The Long Run: Roadrunner Glass Company

The Long Run: Roadrunner Glass Company
Feb 06, 2017

There’s a lot to be said for longevity, especially in the window and door business during a robust building economy, where competition is stiff, precision is paramount, and quality of service can make all the difference between rising above the rest or getting left by the wayside.

Few companies know this as well as Phoenix-based Roadrunner Glass Company, a full-service window and door dealership that has survived the market’s booms, busts, and bubbles. Whether it’s working on residential or commercial projects, Roadrunner Glass has cemented an excellent reputation in the fast-growing Phoenix area during its 40-plus years in the fenestration industry.

Since launching in 1972, Roadrunner Glass Company has prided itself on attention to detail, professionalism, and craftsmanship, but most importantly it has viewed customer satisfaction as its top priority.

“You don’t get to be around for as long we’ve been without simply getting things right and establishing a great relationship with clients,” says Nikko Martelli of Roadrunner Glass. “We employ career professionals who contribute decades of experience, talent, and creativity to each and every project.”

The company specializes in custom jobs, especially those involving large-scale glass pieces, in both residential and commercial projects. That’s where Roadrunner Glass’ relationship with Western Window Systems has benefited both firms. As building projects have grown bigger and bigger, the latter has provided Roadrunner with the huge glass products that architects, builders, and homeowners are increasingly seeking. Meanwhile, Roadrunner has applied its expertise in maximizing the benefits of Western Window Systems’ innovative door systems and windows.

“We appreciate Western Window Systems’ ability to listen to its dealership base,” says Martelli, who has been with Roadrunner Glass for six years. “They adapt very quickly to market needs. Western Window Systems truly has its finger on the pulse of market conditions and actually adapts to customer needs, whereas other manufacturers just look at spreadsheets.”

Indeed, Western Window Systems values its nearly seven-year partnership with Roadrunner Glass and its commitment to everything from sales, installation, and service as well as its understanding that big glass is a vital part of contemporary homebuilding. That’s why Roadrunner’s showroom displays numerous Western Window Systems products, including a 16-foot-by-10-foot multi-slide door, so clients get a feel for the scope of what’s currently being placed in custom home projects.

But beyond the products, Western Window Systems appreciates Roadrunner Glass’ commitment to its workers, the lifeblood of any small company.

“We empower our employees to be their own entrepreneurs,” Martelli says. “This is not simply a job. We want everyone to have a feeling of pride when it comes to working here. Employees are encouraged to collaborate on larger projects, ensuring a true team effort.”

And as a small business that thinks big, Roadrunner Glass respects that Western Window Systems views the dealership as an integral part of its way of doing business.

“Even though Western Window Systems has grown leaps and bounds, it still retains the small business feel,” Martelli says. “And that’s important because it translates into great relationships that do not get lost in the corporate shuffle.”

Western Window System also values Roadrunner Glass for the turnkey experience it provides clients, from project design to sales to installation performed in-house, not by a subcontractor, which isn’t always commonplace when it comes to window and door dealers.

“There is so much detail that goes into these window and door packages,” Martelli says. “You have dealers out there only providing a product and nothing else. We explain to clients to not just look at the bottom-line pricing, but instead we help them understand what goes into each and every package. With us, there are no change orders, no missing products, just accurate cost projections with accurate complete products from the beginning.”

In short, it’s a recipe for customer satisfaction. And longevity, of course.