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Series 600 - sliding glass door

Western’s 600 Series Sliding Patio Doors have redefined quality and expectations. In lieu of difficult to slide panels with flimsy screens, Western’s Patio Doors instead are renowned for their quality, ease of operation, and structural integrity. Available in heights up to 12’ tall and virtually endless configurations and widths, Western’s 600 Series Patio door has been a favorite choice of homeowners and commercial property developers for homes, hotels, condos, etc. You will love the custom hardware choices, precision tandem rollers, and the heavy-duty extruded aluminum screen. Feel the exhilaration of a door that glides away with the push of a finger, and let Western’s 600 Series Patio Doors open your world.

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Features - series 600 window wall

  • Western’s 600 Series Sliding Glass Doors are designed and manufactured specifically for each application, in sizes up to 144” high and virtually no limit in width.
  • Configurations truly are limitless. Almost any combination of fixed and operating panels, of the same or varying widths, can be achieved.
  • The use of transoms, sidelites, or integration into large window wall systems provides you and your design team the freedom to create spectacular openings.
  • The 4.5” frame depth is compatible with Western’s Series 600 Window Wall System, and many commercial storefront systems.
  • The use of full-hollow, tubular extrusions at the interlocking and lock stiles provides the necessary structural integrity while minimizing sight lines.
  • The Medium Stile 2.5" interlock provides additional rigidity and strength while maintaining a clean, modern look and minimal sightline. The Medium Stile can be used for doors up to 144" tall.
  • Western’s makes (3) different handle options available for Sliding Glass Doors (see “Hardware” below).

Thermal Break - Western Window Systems

For harsher environments we offer “Thermal Break” on both our frame and panels. Thermal break lowers u-factors, limits condensation, increases energy performance, and most of all reduces thermal conductivity. High humidity and extreme hot or cold temperatures are not an issue when choosing a Western Multiple Sliding Bi-Fold Door or Window.

Aluminum Frame Finishes - The Volume Program

If you have a color you’d like to use for your window and door products, we can provide it. Whether anodized or painted, we can generally match any color you are after. On top of unlimited color options, Western uses the highest quality finishes available today. For painted products, nearly all of Western’s colors are Kynar finishes which conform to a minimum rating of AAMA-2605 (which is the highest rating available for organic finishes today). For anodized product, our Dark Bronze and Satin anodized finishes receive a Class 1 rating which is the highest and most durable rating available for anodized aluminum finishes. Dark Bronze anodized is our most popular finish and has the best price point and production lead time. The other colors shown below are examples of Western “designer” colors which are available for a discounted price over a custom color match. These colors are for representation only. Please contact your nearest dealer or dealer representative for a full color sample list of our aluminum frame finishes and designer colors.

Western also offers our “Edge Guard” painted finish for customers that are within a few miles of the ocean. This upgrade option is a true investment in protecting your products from potential corrosion caused by salt water. This custom finishing procedure involves Western fabricating and processing all of the components associated with your window and door package before sending the metal to be painted. By painting pre-fabricated parts (instead of cutting and processing parts after they have been painted), the “Edge Guard” process ensures that there are no raw aluminum edges left unfinished, and instead sees all aluminum edges painted with the same high-quality Kynar finish that was used on the rest of the project. An upgrade to “Edge Guard” provides the additional benefit to customers of a ten-year warranty.

Hardware - Western Window Systems

Smooth, quiet, and long lasting operation is assured by Western’s heavy-duty tandem roller assemblies. Whether you specify a Narrow Stile with 1.5” diameter rollers, a Medium Stile with 1.81” diameter rollers, or our 3” diameter Monster Roller, the assemblies are capable of handling more than twice the weight of the largest panel available. A fully mortised steel hook lock engages an adjustable stainless strike plate for added strength and security. The operation of oversize panels is simplified by a custom extruded aluminum open pull handle that is strong and comfortable to use. And like most other Western product, prep for custom hardware by others is also available. A stainless steel hardware package is optional, and strongly recommended for coastal applications. For handle options, we make available our Standard Handle, our Premium Handle, and our Flush Handle for Sliding Glass Door systems.

Glass - Western Window Systems

Western’s 600 Series Sliding Patio Doors are designed to accommodate Duo-Pane Insulating glass manufactured with a ½” air gap to maximize the benefit of high performance Low E. They can also be glazed with a variety of glass types, colors, and configurations in thickness from 7/8” to 1” Duo-Pane.

Screens - Western Window Systems

Consistent with the structural integrity and clean lines of the door construction, the screens are manufactured using full-hollow, tubular, hat shaped aluminum extrusions with an integral screw brace, resulting in a strong, rigid frame with tight hairline corner joints. Each screen is equipped with a pair of adjustable ball bearing rollers at the bottom and a pair of steel tension rollers at the top. All of this extra quality is to ensure a smooth, effortless operation. The screen frame extrusions receive the same finish and color as the door extrusions, so there will never be a difference in appearance, short term or long.

Thresholds - Western Window Systems

Our standard Sliding Glass Door threshold has an interior sill height of 1.5”, and meets the AAMA C30 commercial specification. For mid-rise applications, or design criteria requiring increased water protection, we can provide our HC40 threshold with a sill height of 1.75”.

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Series 600 Sliding Glass Door Hardware and CAD Detail Samples